May 2024: Update (and Fire)

Word is: Republic Services has indicated they intend to re-apply to expand the landfill in June 2024. This is as much as we know right now. They have been threatening to apply again “soon” for the last two years — ever since their last failed attempt to expand — so we don’t know if they’ll delay again, or if they are serious now.

There was a fire at the dump Saturday night May 18th which burned both of the dump’s “tippers”, putting them out of commission for an unknown period of time (the “tippers” are the machines to which semi trailers are attached to tip them up on end and dump their contents out). Trash will back up until such time as they are repaired, and the concern is that Republic Services will run fast and loose with safety and regulations once they’re back running in order to catch up. 

Meanwhile, coming soon: our new website! We are overhauling it in anticipation of Republic Services’ next application to expand. Hopefully it will be launched and ready for prime-time in the next couple weeks!