Word is: Republic Services has indicated they intend to re-apply to expand the landfill in June 2024. This is as much as we know right now.
I do not know if my descendants will live in Benton County, but someone’s will, and we all owe it to them to draw the line now.
Some weeks ago, amid all the fliers promoting the jail bond, Benton County sent out messages concerning a community petition about the landfill.
A big thanks to all of the hardworking volunteers who participated in the Benton County Talks Trash workgroup and biweekly committee meetings for the past six months. Now that we are nearing the end of the process, what have we learned?
Video of Mark Yeager's powerful testimony before Corvallis City Council regarding the City's practice of accepting leachate from Coffin Butte Landfill into their municipal wastewater treatment system.
This spring, Republic Services plans to submit new applications to expand the landfill north of Corvallis.
Landfilling is not the future of solid waste management. Landfilling is a way to avoid the future of solid waste management.
Because the last application to expand the landfill was so contentious, Benton County hired an independent third party to recommend something different. Sounds promising, no?
In the summer of 2021, Republic Services applied to Benton County for permission to expand the Coffin Butte Landfill… again. This sort of thing is a land use issue, and a permit is required.
Coffin Butte Landfill is situated in one of the wettest parts of the Willamette Valley, on geologically complex land. This poses significant environmental problems.
Republic Services, Inc., a for-profit, out-of-state corporation, owns and operates the landfill through a subsidiary corporation. Benton County’s long-term risk and environmental liability grow with each additional ton of garbage dumped in the landfill.
A clause in the 2020 Landfill Franchise Agreement (FA) between Republic Services and Benton County is worded such that if any expansion onto the property south of Coffin Butte Road zoned LS (“Landfill Site”) is granted, the tonnage cap (the limit to how much garbage can be emplaced per year) goes away.
Another reason to not allow any new expansion: Republic Services has repeatedly flouted the rules and gotten away with it without so much as a hand-slap from the County.


Issues with the Coffin Butte Landfill have also appeared in print media for many years, read more articles here.