BOC – Board of Commissioners (Benton County)

BCG – Benton County Government

BCTT – stands for “Benton County Talks Trash,” the nickname for the Solid Waste Process Workgroup convened by the county in response to the controversy and friction surrounding the 2021 expansion attempt.

CDD – Community Development Department (Benton County)

CUP – Conditional Use Permit

DEQ – Department of Environmental Quality, a state regulatory agency. Also known as ODEQ for Oregon DEQ.

DSAC – Disposal Site Advisory Committee

EPA – Environmental Protection Agency, a federal regulatory agency.

FOIA – Freedom of Information Act. S law that provides the public the right to request access to records from any federal agency.

LU – Land Use

LUBA – Land Use Board of Appeals

ODEQ (see DEQ)

PC – Planning Commission (Benton County)

PRC – Pacific Regional Compost (facility)

PRR – Public Records Request. Used to request access to public records at state and local (county, city) levels of government.

SMMP – Sustainable Materials Management Plan

SWAC – Solid Waste Advisory Council